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Introducing jQuery.whiny.js


We’ve all done something like this: $(‘#id’).text(‘new text’); And wondered why the code wasn’t working only to find out the selector was wrong. jQuery.whiny.js attempts to solve this problem by altering the jQuery library so the jQuery() method will create a console warning if an empty jQuery object returned. In the above example, if ‘#id’ [...]

jQuery Selector Injection


First off, this type of issue is more theoretical than anything. jQuery allows you create HTML elements on the fly via the jQuery() method. Creating new HTML elements using this technique is common in the jQuery world since it results in more readable, jQuery-esque code. Potential client-side code injection issues can arise if malicious input [...]

Introducing a New jQuery Google Maps Script


This script is similar to the one I wrote a few years back. This time however, it’s a jQuery plugin. Head on over to the github project for more details.