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Category Archives: Development

Introducing a New jQuery Google Maps Script


This script is similar to the one I wrote a few years back. This time however, it’s a jQuery plugin. Head on over to the github project for more details.

Flash ExternalInterface Internet Explorer Gotcha


Just learned this one the hard way. Apparently in Internet Explorer, a Flash application cannot use the “ExternalInterface” to add a callback named ‘play’. This list of reserved words also includes ‘stop’, ‘tags’, ‘item’ and possibly others. Makes sense, but it took me a while to figure this one out since it is does not [...]

Full Tree Selects via Materialized Paths


At my internship I have been working on this really awesome in-house analytics systems.  One of the database tables used in this project behaves as a self-referential tree.  Since I am using Ruby on Rails for this project, I decided to go with the acts_as_tree plugin on this particular model.  This plugin adds various tree [...]