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Category Archives: Development

Easy Integration of Minitest::Spec and VCR


I’m a big fan of MiniTest. I use it for basically all of my testing in Ruby. I’ve also started to use VCR to help with stubbing and recording HTTP requests during tests. In a nutshell, VCR lets hit the actual resource on the first run. VCR then records the results and replays them back [...]

nginx Custom Maintenance Page without Redirects


For BreakBase, we use nginx as a reverse proxy to our app server. When we deploy updates, the upstream app server is temporarily offline. Rather than have nginx respond with the default “502 Bad Gateway” page, we replace it with our own maintenance page. Additionally, we also need to make sure our maintenance page does [...]

HTML5 Data Attributes for Pylons Webhelpers


HTML5 data attributes let developers store bits of meta-data directly within markup. They are an incredibly useful tool and I would highly recommend checking out the first few hits on Google for more details on exactly how they are used. While working on BreakBase, I can across a bit of an issue with creating data [...]

Introducing jQuery.whiny.js


We’ve all done something like this: $(‘#id’).text(‘new text’); And wondered why the code wasn’t working only to find out the selector was wrong. jQuery.whiny.js attempts to solve this problem by altering the jQuery library so the jQuery() method will create a console warning if an empty jQuery object returned. In the above example, if ‘#id’ [...]

Facebook Psychic Mode


One thing that I’ve always enjoyed about the Pidgin chat client is the Psychic Mode plugin. This plugin basically detects when you receive an event from a given chat network that another user is typing a message to you. If you do not have a chat window open with that user, one will suddenly appear [...]